Will Spousal Support Be A Factor In Your Divorce?

Spousal support can be a particularly contentious issue in many Colorado divorces. If you have questions about spousal support in your divorce, the surest way to get answers is to discuss your specific situation with an experienced spousal support attorney.

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How Is Spousal Support Determined In Colorado?

When it comes to matters of spousal support, every situation is different, and the court has wide discretion in deciding whether one spouse must provide financial support to the other.

To determine the amount and duration of spousal support — often called spousal maintenance in Colorado — the court will consider a number of factors. These typically include:

  • Each party's income: Does each spouse earn enough income to cover reasonable expenses?
  • How long the spouses were married: Spousal maintenance can be temporary or long-term, and a longer marriage can mean a longer spousal support obligation.
  • Each spouse's age: Is the spouse seeking support at an age when starting or maintaining a career is unlikely?
  • Each spouse's health: Is either spouse unable to work due to health reasons?
  • The standard of living during the marriage: Spousal support can be ordered to help prevent one spouse's standard of living from being significantly lowered as a result of the divorce.
  • Each spouse's education level: Do the spouses have sufficient education levels to obtain or maintain suitable employment?

Whether you are seeking support or being asked to pay it, you should have an experienced divorce and spousal support lawyer on your side to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

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