Safeguard What Is Most Important To You

For most people who go through it, divorce is the most difficult experience of their lives, and yet every divorce is different. We know this at CoakleyKrol. That is why we are committed to providing custom divorce solutions that meet your specific needs.

Many lawyers take an outdated and general approach to handling divorce cases. Our approach is different: we combine innovative and creative techniques with dynamic representation to provide the personalized care and service our clients in the Denver area deserve. We know this is an extremely difficult time for you, and our job is to use our legal knowledge and skills to minimize conflict and uncertainty and help you transition to a better future.

Getting To Know You, Your Goals And Your Family's Goals

From the moment you contact us, we start taking the time to understand the circumstances that have led to where you are today. What are your hopes and goals? What are your fears? Is there dispute over child custody? Are there marital property concerns?

We help you through these issues and develop a cost-efficient strategy for achieving optimal results.

In addition to staying connected with you in person, by phone and by email, we provide a convenient online portal that allows you to privately check the status of your case 24 hours a day. We encourage our clients to take full advantage of this cost-saving technology.

Divorce Solutions In Court And Out Of Court

Divorce typically involves conflict, but often consensus can be reached outside of court through mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution. As experienced litigators, we prepare each case as if it will go to trial, but many cases we handle at CoakleyKrol are resolved outside of the courtroom.

Our proven ability to negotiate favorable settlements through mediation can not only protect individuals and families from bitter conflict; mediation is often an effective way of minimizing monetary costs.

The reality is that a judge may not have the time or inclination to take into account your needs and concerns regarding marital property or an effective parenting plan, and litigation is inherently an adversarial process. At CoakleyKrol, we can negotiate strongly on your behalf in court and out of court. The key is to develop a customized strategy for your specific situation.

Contact CoakleyKrol For Resolution-Focused Divorce Representation

Our law offices are located in the Stapleton area of Denver. To schedule a consultation with an experienced and dedicated divorce attorney, please email us or call 720-644-9956.