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Are you considering divorce because of one of these issues?

When a Colorado married couple petitions the court for divorce, it may be one of the most consequential events of their lives. Whether you've been thinking about taking similar action for quite some time now or only recently considered it an option, you're still likely to encounter numerous challenges as you leave the past behind and move on in life.

Understanding what caused your divorce can help you come to terms with the situation; it may also have an impact on proceedings, especially if you file an at-fault petition. Although no two relationships are identical, you may find that you have certain things in common with other couples who have also decided to take up separate households from their spouses on a permanent basis.

Divorce often follows communication problems

When you and your spouse attempt to discuss matters of importance are you typically able to amicably resolve your differences? Do you find solutions to family problems, or do you argue and not resolve anything at all? If it's the latter, then you may have similar communication problems in marriage as thousands of other spouses who cite this particular issue as a main reason for their divorce.

Infidelity wrecks relationships

No spouse wants to be cheated on. While some married couples are able to overcome the strain an extra marital affair places on a relationship, others decide it is best to call it quits. Infidelity is an intensely personal issue that involves a deep sense of hurt and betrayal. Some people say they simply can't restore a relationship with someone they no longer trust.

A spouse may feel neglected if parenting always comes first

When you and your spouse became parents, you entered a new phase of your relationship. Unfortunately, some spouses seem to put their marriages on the back burner while they constantly focus on their kids. This can leave their partners feeling neglected and unwanted. Perhaps you can relate to spouses who say that after their children grew up and start living on their own, they and their spouses realized they had drifted apart and no longer had anything in common.

Moving on in life

You may have experienced several of the issues mentioned earlier or your circumstances may be entirely different. It's not so much the causal factors of your divorce as how well you negotiate a settlement that protects your assets and keeps the best interests of your children in mind. Divorce isn't easy and it often causes children a great deal of stress. However, if you have a strong support system in place, you can help your kids cope, and overcome any legal obstacles that arise.

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