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Is your former spouse undermining your rightful parenting time?

The issues between two Colorado parents can continue long after a divorce is final. In fact, the difficult feelings and emotions can cause problems that may require one parent to seek legal recourse to resolve ongoing issues. One problem that you may need help resolving is parenting time interference.

When your child's other parent does not want to cooperate with the terms of a custody or visitation order, it is more than just an inconvenience. It is a direct threat to your parental rights, as well as a threat to the well-being of your child. If you are dealing with parenting time interference, you have the right to take action to shield your interests and your kids.

What counts as interference?

You may not realize that what you are experiencing counts as parenting interference. In fact, you may assume that the problems you are dealing with are just a normal part of parenting after divorce, but that is not true. Once a custody or visitation order is final, you have the right to expect that the other parent will adhere to the terms. You might be experiencing interference in the following ways:

  • Indirect interference includes subtle ways that the other parent could attempt to undermine your rights and your relationship with your kids. This includes forbidding phone calls, talking negatively about you to your kids and preventing you from attending extracurricular events.
  • Direct interference happens when one parent takes steps to prevent the other from physical contact with his or her child. This can include refusing to return the child, refusal to allow rightful visitation time and more.

If you are subjected to either direct or indirect parenting time interference, you have the right to take measures to protect your relationship with your children. Kids benefit when allowed to have regular contact with both parents, and one parent should not attempt to prevent this from happening.

Protecting yourself as a parent

As a parent, you do not have to deal with issues such as parenting time interference and other problems alone. You can take steps to make this unfair treatment stop and seek enforcement of custody and visitation orders.

You might find it prudent to seek a complete evaluation of your case as you work toward a beneficial resolution to your concerns regarding parenting time interference. You are entitled to an explanation of your parental rights and the legal options available to you.

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